Exploration Drilling Rigs


Business Overview

The company provides exploration drilling services with 70% of its work being generated from greenfields exploration projects.

It conducts reverse circulation drilling; diamond drilling; aircore drilling; rotary air blast drilling and mud rotary sampling for clients using its modern environmentally friendly high performance fleet of drill rigs.

The company also supplies state of the art on-site accommodation.

Project Overview

The company has been designing and developing advanced low environmental impact caravans. The caravans require minimal ground clearance and feature a unique and extensive communications system for extreme weather communications.

The project will result in a new market offering that will dramatically lessen the detrimental environmental impact of accommodation at remote exploration sites while also enabling workers to stay connected and deliver live information back to head operations.

Engagement with Insight

The company’s operations manager was familiar with the R&D Tax Incentive. He proposed the company apply for support and made contact with Insight.

“Insight completed and applied for the R&D claims allocation in a timely manner with minimal fuss. It left us with more time to focus on the project at hand,” he said.

“Our application was approved with a reduction of tax to be paid.”