IT Company

Business Overview

The company is a Perth-based pioneer of cloud computing in WA.

It commenced development of its cloud solution in 2007 with first clients going ‘live’ in 2008. Further innovation is being conducted to deliver a truly world-class solution.

Today it has state-of-the-art infrastructure within a high density data centre and a solid global portfolio of ‘live’ clients including leading accounting firms, large not-for-profits, mining companies, insurance brokers and real estate.

Project Overview

The company’s R&D was focused on developing its own private cloud and associated server infrastructure to allow clients to get a full enterprise level solution without the massive outlays in cash.

The company’s business model is based on a rental system where clients only pay for what they use. One of its core products offers clients a cost effective alternative to buying and maintaining their own ‘in-house’ server infrastructure.

The company installs, maintains and stores the server software, software apps and data which are rented by the client allowing them to avoid buying and maintaining expensive servers that will fast become obsolete.

Engagement with Insight

The company engaged Insight in 2009.

“We had absolutely no idea about the process of R&D, we left everything to Insight,” said a director of the company.

“We were quite literally a business with no clients when we started a few years back, we had big overheads, datacentre infrastructure, large fibre bills, staff etc and by being able to get a cash injection, based on our R&D expenditure, made a lot of difference to us.

“We’ve done three claims now and all have been accepted and paid out with no issues”

“Insight have been great to deal with and I look forward to working with them again on the next claim,” he says.