Innovative Mining Operations Company

Business Overview

The company is an ASX-listed exploration company which holds a number of substantial tenements for manganese and other resources in the Northern Territory.

Project Overview

The company’s intention to explore for and mine resources in an environmentally sensitive location has a number of challenges and considerations including: multiple use of the resources of the marine environment; the conflicted cultural values and economic aspirations of the Aboriginal people of the region; and the declaration of marine and heritage protected areas by the Australian Government.

This led the company to undertake a program to develop an innovative integrated adaptive environmental assessment and management plan for mineral exploration, seafloor mining, product beneficiation and transport to markets. The R&D program ensures the embedding of physical, biological and economic elements.

The program is soundly underpinned by field work that optimises the collection and collation of bathymetric, side-scan sonar, sediment sampling and video transect information to provide a highly targeted approach to offshore exploration activities. Hydrodynamic data collection and analysis together with habitat mapping that is coupled with acoustic modelling and ecological assessments has provided essential input to ensure that all the components of valued marine ecosystems and charismatic species such as turtles and marine mammals that are found in the region are protected.

Engagement with Insight

The company was made aware of the R&D Tax Incentive by the company’s accountant and was subsequently introduced to Insight.

“It was something we had never considered or known we were eligible for and when we met with Insight, they said the work we had been doing was a perfect fit for the program.” said the company’s Managing Director.

“We were very pleased to learn this support was available.

“Without doubt, it’s something we never would or could have done on our own. That’s the advantage of having Insight, it’s their ‘bread and butter’ so they know what they’re looking for and know what they need.

“We’ve successfully applied for claims each year since the 2010 financial year which has been a huge bonus.” he says.