Why Insight?

We strive to develop and nurture relationships with our clients that are proactive, industry-specific and value-adding.

Each R&D professional at Insight Business is held accountable for delivering the highest level of service, a standard that our clients warrant and deserve.

The following points of difference are what sets us apart from our competitors:

Superior Capture
The Project Management team at Insight are technically qualified and their experience ensures technical expertise and unequalled activity expense capture and which limits your resource requirements to get the claim done.

Real Time
We prefer to work on ‘live’ claims and capture the activities and expenses as they happen in real time.

Competitive Costs
Our pricing is competitive, we do the claim and let you get on with what you do best, your core business.

Insight Business holds a specialised R & D Tax Agents’ license as R & D Incentives are all we do. We are not an accounting firm and most of our work is referred to us by accountancy firms as we do not compete to them due to our specialisation.

Insight Business actively keeps an eye out for commercial opportunities for our clients, plus an extensive network of professionals to call upon for any company’s needs if required.

Insight Business internally audits all of its claims via an experienced R & D Tax Specialist prior to lodgement.